Tempeliersgenootschap Nederland
'In hoc signo vinces...'

This private society is directly affiliated to the Knights Templar in the UK.

The Tempeliersgenootschap Nederland is a charitable cause which upholds the principles and rules of the original Knights Templar in all respects. Members meet every 3 months to make acquaintence with other members, to learn more about the Knights Templar, to discuss how to promote the good causes of the Order in the broadest sense in modern-day society and to learn how to enhance one's inner self and talents. Membership is open to any person of any social rank or status who wishes to follow and uphold the principles of the original Knights Templar in his or her daily life.

Candidates for membership of the Society are invited to send an e-mail with CV, at least one personal reference and a short cover letter explaining why membership is requested. On acceptance, members must adhere to the rules of the Knights Templar at all times.

The official investiture as a Knights Templar will take place at a location in the UK that is revealed to members only after acceptance to the Order.

Applications can be sent to the following e-mail address: info@tempeliersgenootschap.nl or by applying here.

Thank you.
Only the truth can set you free, and, as Knights Templars, we believe everything happens for a reason.
Seek and thou shalt find, ask and thou shalt be given the answer...